young talents

Our mission is to optimize the communication of young talents!

We don't pretend to be an art school or a business school. However, we do know the working world, customer expectations and deadlines! Aware that it is difficult to find an internship, a job or a professional contract in the field of visual communication nowadays, and that it is always raging to get a negative answer or no answer at all, Studio Blackthorns nevertheless wishes to contribute to the edifice.

That's why Studio Blackthorns now offers students, bachelors and creative juniors portfolio readings in the form of monthly podcasts to give constructive feedback on the work and communication of young talent.

In this section, we also give advice on entrepreneurship, business design, as well as tips and tools to streamline your creative workflow.

Portfolio Readings

Since January 2020, the Lyon-based communication agency has been offering free portfolio readings to budding creative talents. The aim is to allow students and young graphic designers to improve their portfolio and their work. These portfolio readings, in the form of monthly podcasts, consist of having a discussion with a selected candidate via our website in order to establish a constructive criticism of their projects.

Beyond the aesthetic side of the exercise, we try to advise these young talents on their future: how to sell themselves in front of a client? How to present their portfolio to a com agency? How to start as a freelance graphic designer? All these are broad and crucial questions that students face at the end of their studies.

In addition to the audio episode, we try to address the important points raised by these episodes in the articles related to each podcast.

Some portfolio readings

Creative Entrepreneurs

Whether you are graphic designers, web designers, illustrators, architects, photographers, video artists, we address ourselves to budding creatives wishing to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

Today, when you are a freelance designer, talent alone is no longer enough. Indeed, a freelancer has to be versatile. In this sense, the success of one's own micro-enterprise often involves very tedious tasks: administrative blah blah blah blah, commercial relations, project management, ...

In this section, we will review different aspects of the "real world" of a freelance designer in order to clarify these shadowy areas as much as possible. We hope this will help you become a better entrepreneur.