Alas, no recruitment. However, opportunities!

Tout d’abord, un grand merci de ton intérêt envers mon studio de création. Pour répondre à la question que tu te poses sûrement en lisant cette page, Studio Blackthorns n’est actuellement pas dans une démarche de recrutement. Les demandes concernant un stage, un contrat pro ou une candidature spontanée ne seront donc pas traitées. J’en suis désolé :/


Studio Blackthorns now offers to students, bachelors and creative juniors different online project readings. This in order to help and guide you in the presentation of your projects. For the most curious, here is also an article on an interview/podcast: learn more about the profession of designer.

I have just completed the final changes to my Book with your precious advice. I am coming back to you to thank you once again for your time, energy and great help.

Thomas Gauzelin

Free portfolio reviews and readings

Aware that it is difficult to find an internship, a job or a professional contract in the field of visual communication nowadays, and that it is always raging to get a negative answer or no answer at all, Studio Blackthorns nevertheless wishes to make its contribution by giving constructive feedback on your work as an image professional. Here is, for example, a podcast that can help you to develop and improve your portfolio in order to have a concrete application to submit to others. communication agencies :

If you are interested in this free and unique pedagogical approach, please fill in the form below.

Applications will be drawn by lot and the review may be posted on the agency's website as an article in the Blog of the studio section Young Talents. The projects that are the favourites will be the subject of a publication on the agency's blog in a special section.

Everyone can participate regardless of their level! Due to the large number of mails received, please don't be angry with me if your application is not criticized or your projects released ^^.

Until then, I wish you good luck in your research and maybe see you soon 🙂.

Ludovic MornandFounder of the Studio Blackthorns

Due to a large number of applications and a very busy schedule, applications for the year 2020 are now closed. Thank you for your understanding.