Lux Me

The story

The Lux Me beauty centre offers permanent hair removal and pulsed light photorejuvenation services for men and women. In order to move away from the often bad taste or even misogynistic side of the visual communication of some beauty centres, Lux Me wanted to take a more glamorous, respectful counterpart by highlighting the beauty of the female body, while accentuating the chic and elegant side.

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Lux Me sign in Lyon

I appreciated Ludovic's creativity and reactivity, his very qualitative work, which was completely in line with my specifications, especially on the complex technical aspects. A pro who masters his subject.

Nathalie Claucigh, manager at Lux Me


A visual and carnal communication

Indeed, the print visual communication of the beauty centre was approached as if it were a major perfume brand, with a sleek and sober graphic design in fleshly colours. This is evidenced by the various graphic resources produced: business cards, signage, flyers, seasonal outdoor posters, etc.

Communication print, business card Lux Me
Graphic design, photomontage
Graphic design, photomontage
Graphic design, photomontage
Creation of d'a print communication

Web design
& Development

Creation of the centre's website

Following the development of the print visual communication, Studio Blackthorns worked on the entire Web identity of the aesthetic center, namely the creation of its website in WordPress as well as a natural referencing base. In order to differentiate itself and innovate in the field, Blackthorns proposed to Lux Me a dynamic navigation in "split screen" (screen split in 2 for each new section).

Visual Web Communication
Split screen" effect by scrolling vertically through the website.
Visual Web Communication
Contact page lux me website

Scope of work

  • Brand Research
  • Graphic identity and visual resources
  • Print communication
  • Sign
Web design
  • Web development strategy
  • Front-end Development
  • CMS development
  • Support and maintenance
  • Audit
  • Natural referencing
  • Social referencing

More work

Layout of a scientific book


Global visual communication for horse specialists.

Business card of carpenter-cabinetmaker Damien Dumas

I got wood

Development of the visual identity of the Lyon carpenter.