Delion Cutlery

The story

Delion, a manufacturer of fine cutlery, was born under the impetus of a man from Lyon with a passion for knives and in love with his home town. In the image of the capital of GaulEach Delion® handcrafted creation is unique. The challenge for the design of the visual identity of the young brand was to find a subtle compromise between modernity and ancestral traditions.

Services provided

Delion knives, Le Lyonnais® range

Blackthorns has found the solutions to my problems with a clever mix of rigour and creativity.

Abdelkader Bada, Founder - Delion

& results

The Blackthorns design studio was inspired by the coat of arms of the city of Lyon and met the brand's criteria of graphic and aesthetic rigour. It has thus developed different lines of thought for the creation of an aesthetic, luxurious but above all coherent graphic charter. In addition to the creation of a complete graphic charter, Blackthorns designed the packaging for the knives and a digital teaser in Parallax Scrolling for the presentation of the concept to financing companies.

  • → Distributed at the Coutellerie de Lyon, place Bellecour
  • CA of 60K in average
  • → Popular with Lyon residents and restaurateurs alike
  • → Ordered by the Grand Refectory at the new Hôtel Dieu and la Rotonde
  • → Report on France 3
Le Lyonnais® knife and packaging
Le Lyonnais® knife blade

Virtute duce, comite fortuna

Le Lyonnais knife and Delion case


Creation of the graphic charter

Heir of a secular culture, Delion evokes, through his cutlery creations, the history and heritage of the city of lights. The Delion logo thus corresponds to the values of the company: a sharp blade, two lions crowned back to back, a licked and sharp typography. In addition, the capital letters highlight the "conqueror" character of the company, its will to fight to impose itself in the world of high-end cutlery.

Creative board, logo ideas
Draft Delion Logo
Construction of the Delion logo
Corporate Identity Delion Logo
Delion letterhead - Graphic charter
Hot stamping swords symbol
Delion letterhead - branding
Delion logo on case - hot stamping
Delion business cards
Visual identity: Acronyms and monograms
Visual and typographic identity
Visual identity, colour chart and pantones

Packaging Design

Boxes of character

The target buying the Delion brand does not only want a table knife or a closing knife, but it projects itself as a collector of a unique and handcrafted object, an object with character. This is why a quality packaging reflecting the product is a key element in thevisual identity. Studio Blackthorns continued its branding design service by working on the graphic charter of the cases.

A 3D modeling on the Cinema 4D software was first necessary to give an idea of the artistic direction to adopt. Then, the templates were made and sent for printing.

3D modeling knife box
3D modeling knife box
Packaging design templates
Packaging design Delion

Scope of work

  • Brand Research
    Graphic identity and visual resources
    Print communication
Digital communication
  • Realization of a digital presentation in Parallax Scrolling
Packaging Design
  • Image creation and 3D modeling
  • Production of boxes and cases

More work

Business card of carpenter-cabinetmaker Damien Dumas

I got wood

Design of the graphic charter of the Lyon cabinetmaker as well as his website.

Packaging design - Pastis 1811

Pastis 1811

Creation of the graphic charter of the traditional Pastis as well as its packaging.