Yoco 3D Magnets

The story

On the occasion of the release of the animated film Rio, Yoco distributed by Nestlé wished to create a "bonus" to accompany its yoghurt packs. Thus, Studio Blackthorns collaborated with the company Primeteam for the development of a fun promotional object to mark the event.

The challenge was firstly to think about the type of object to design, and secondly, to create 3D computer graphics in order to be able to project oneself before manufacturing.

Yoco 3D puzzle magnets collection

Visual Resources

3D computer graphics

In order to carry out one of its first missions, Studio Blackthorns first of all carried out an analysis of the product brief and then started thinking about the object design. We then developed the 3D computer graphics to the point of rendering half a dozen creative boards created on Cinema 4D. Finally, we chose to start with the concept of the 3D magnet in the form of a puzzle. Consequently, we had to move on to a phase of technical documentation in order to evaluate the possibilities.

In conclusion, the challenge was won and a collection of 5 3D puzzle magnets were created and distributed in Yoco packaging!

3D computer graphics creation - Bouncing balls
Custom slickers and magnets concept
3D computer graphics creation - Ball egg concept
3D computer graphics creation - Concept 3D puzzles
Technical document for the realization of the 3D puzzle
Technical document for the realization of the 3D puzzle

Scope of work

Corporate image
  • Strategic reflection on the product brief
  • Realization of 3D computer graphics
  • Production of technical documentation

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