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The Lambey team works on the health, well-being and nutrition of the horse and develops nutritional solutions whose effectiveness is scientifically proven. In order to renew their entire print and digital visual identity, the Lambey company has chosen the expertise of Studio Blackthorns.

For this complete dossier, the challenge was to review the Lambey brand identity with the aim of giving it a new lease of life and a modern image. Thus, since May 2018, Studio Blackthorns has been designing a diverse and varied panel of creations such as the redesign of their website, brochures and packaging, print media but also digital visual resources for social networks and other Web uses.

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Services provided

Webdesign creation

We work with Ludovic and are extremely satisfied with his work. A lot of creativity, a very classy, original and harmonious result.

Sandrine Lambey, Scientific Director - Lambey SA

Web design

Redesign of the website

Studio Blackthorns has designed all the web pages of the new Lambey website. This long-term collaborative and qualitative work was completed in only a few months. The templates were created in Photoshop and Illustrator, taking into account the responsive design for mobile display.

Lambey wanted to keep Prestashop as a web platform for their new release. Consequently, an excellent knowledge of the CMS and its architecture was essential to prioritize the content in order to achieve the objectives. Finally, theexpert agency in website creation has started the front-end development process (HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP).

Responsive design mobile supports

Publishing a book

Conception of the book "Nutrition, Health, Performance".

After having carried out several visual communication services for the Lambey company, Studio Blackthorns worked on the graphic design of a scientific book on nutrition, health and performance in the equine field. A very dense file but dear to the company which dreamed to be able to write a book of this type for the professionals of the field.

Once the brief was received along with the texts, interviews and images, Studio Blackthorns quickly took charge of the project to design the book's visual identity and layout. In the end, the result is a quality book with a very modern and up-to-date layout. The book has been presented at several trade fairs such as Equita'Lyon and distributed to many clients, partners and riding "champions": It was solemnly welcomed! Proud of this gratifying return, Lambey has even decided to have the book translated into German. Mission accomplished in less than 2 and a half months with confidence and effective communication on both sides.

Layout of a scientific book

A book in French and German version with a magnificent work of formatting.

Sandrine Lambey, Scientific Director - Lambey SA
Design Scientific book cover
Realization graphic design book scientific horse riding german version
Graphic design horse riding book
Graphic design horse riding book
Graphic design horse riding book
Graphic composition horse riding book

Print communication

Brochures and leaflets

Different paper supports have been produced for Lambey such as the ration expertise (collection of interviews, scientific explanations, methodologies) as well as summary sheets and leaflets for their different product ranges.

Ration expertise
Corporate identity brochure
Corporate identity brochure
Product sheet design
Product sheet design
Product sheet design
Product sheet design
Food leaflet

Packaging Design

Visual identity of the High Fiber food

For the launch of a new food "High Fiber + Oil", Lambey wanted to create a visual identity that would be recognizable and differentiate it from their other products. Therefore, we worked on the elaboration of a logotype and a graphic charter to be able to decline them on a food bag and a qualitative technical sheet.

Logo search for High Fiber food
High Fiber + Oil templates and bag


Stand design development

In order to decorate their stand with beautiful images at the Equita'Lyon exhibition, Lambey asked the studio to create the visual identity for a range of print media including tarpaulins, kakemonos and flyers. These present the champions using their feed as well as beautiful photos of sport horses. The company specialising in equine nutrition also took the opportunity to present their new scientific book to champions, veterinarians and other specialists.

Kakémono for the Equitalyon show
Kakémono for the Equitalyon show

Digital communication

Visual resources and advertising

Lambey wished to review its digital communication, particularly with regard to the promotion of certain products on the Web and social networks. Here is, for example, a video advertisement on the Regul Digest food, made on After Effects and published on the company's Facebook.

Scope of work

Brand Identity
  • Research & Strategy
  • Production of brochures and print materials
  • Edition of a 130-page book
  • Redesign of an E-commerce website on Prestashop
  • Reflection on the articulation of the site and its ergonomics
  • Creation of visuals and optimization for the web
Social Media Communication
  • Video editing
  • Creating visual resources for social networks

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