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The story

Located in the Paris region, Cabinet AMG is a law firm specialising in criminal law and criminal defence. It is after seeing the work done for lawyer Pauline Girerd that Maître Lionel Amougou has decided to call upon the services of the agency. The objective of this work was to conceive a global entity that would reflect the following values: courage, abnegation, conviction, strength of argument and rigour. As a result, Studio Blackthorns accompanied Maître Lionel Amougou in his Brand Research and the development of its visual identity.

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Services provided

AMG's visual communication strategy

The realization of my logo is the result of a serious, rigorous, meticulous, applied and qualitative work, resulting from the combination of Ludovic's artistic talent, imagination, creativity, originality and the quest for absolute success for a result unanimously praised by all my fellow lawyers to whom I presented the logo and the letterhead.

Logotype AMG Law Firm - Lionel Amougou Lawyer


In order to develop the communication strategy of the AMG Law Firm and its credibility in the legal sector, Studio Blackthorns has accompanied Maître Lionel Amougou in the development of a new brand image. In this respect, the Lyon-based communication agency recommended the use of an acronym. Thus, the identity of the firm and the communication media now adopt the name Cabinet AMG.

Strategic plan for AMG's visual identity
Different visual communication channels
AMG's visual communication


Visual strategy

The logo of the law firm features an ochre avatar with a modern font. This creates a strong contrast and a recognizable logo. The avatar is composed of the initials of Maître Amougou. The A recalls the pyramid and the sharp and straight side of justice. The L, for its part, adds a more literary and calligraphic touch, connoting the pen of a lawyer from the time of his writings. The whole has been declined in several versions in order to give more flexibility to the overall communication. It also allows an immersion in the digital world. On the one hand, the logotype can be adapted to different formats and sizes. On the other hand, the avatar can be used on its own as an identifying acronym for the law firm.

AMG Cabinet Logo Strategy
AMG Cabinet Logo Strategy
Typography Visual identity
Construction of the Cabinet AMG logo

Communication media

The communication supports imagined and produced by the studio are the following: business cards, letterheads and letter sequences, concluding letter and e-mail signature.

Cabinet Business Cards
Letterhead and concluding letter
Signature Cabinet AMG

Scope of work

Strategic support
  • Brand Research
  • Naming
  • Visual Identity
  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead and continuation of letter
  • Letter of Conclusion
  • E-mail signature

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