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SUPER-POTION is a 100% passion podcast dedicated to marketing and communication trends in the alcoholic beverage sector (beers, wines, liqueurs, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages). As its name might suggest, this programme is aimed more at "millennials" (generation Y) in which we will try to decipher, with the help of our precious guests, the different marketing and innovation levers in the brewing, wine and spirits sectors.

Super Potion, an elixir of innovation to sublimate all your drinks!

Épisode 03 : De la dégustation à la vente, le processus de distribution d’un caviste

Dans cet épisode, nous allons essayer de comprendre le processus mis en place par les cavistes pour sélectionner et distribuer de nouveaux produits. De la dégustation à la vente, nous vous apportons quelques notions importantes dans le but de vous aider à établir une stratégie de visibilité. Comment optimiser votre produit et sa valeur ajoutée ? Comment communiquer ? Comment distribuer son breuvage chez un caviste ? Un podcast signé Studio Blackthorns featuring La Plante du Loup.

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Episode 02: How do you find your business name?

In this episode, we're talking about naming strategy with the 1989 Brewing Company.

The choice of your company name is crucial. Several factors determine the relevance of a name: its availability, its differentiation, its memorization, its pronunciation, its ability to create emotion towards your target, its flexibility and its portability. 

Accompanied by Cédric and Thibaut from the 1989 brewery, we exchange a lot of enthusiasm, humour and passion about the different methods and tips to put in place during your naming process, in order to help you find the name that kills for your company!

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Episode 01: Post-Confinement Consumption Trends, What the Cellarist is telling us

Global changes in behaviour, technology, economics and ecology are driving change and innovation in the alcoholic beverage market. However, alcohol consumption trends and brand communication strategies have been strongly affected by the arrival of Coronavirus. and the containment of this early 2020s. We will thus see that, despite a delicate situation for most, some have nevertheless managed to make the most of it by showing their creativity. 👾

Accompanied by Guillaume and Constant from the Lyon beer cellar. The Wolf Plantwe come back full of enthusiasm, retro humour and passion on this vast subject. We analyze together the consumer trends having emerged to deal with the epidemic and the post-covid phase.

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