Brand identity

We create much more than just logos. We design creative, modern brand identities that tell a story. Aesthetics is not an end in itself, it must be accompanied by results and change. At Blackthorns, we focus on your target audience with a human-centered approach. To reach your goals, we accompany you in your brand strategy, visual identity and we design your complete graphic charter as well as your visual resources.

Range of 6 cans of Slow-Soda
Craft brochure with leaflets
Prebiotic Spark Soda
Range of beers celebrating unity between human beings

A brand is not a logo. A brand is not a product. A brand is a person's gut feeling about a product, service or organization.


Brand Research

All our branding projects start with a strategy. Indeed, we define the basics of your Visual Identity ensuring that the graphic services are consistent with your needs and those of your audience.


Pvrple Gin, Garden Party, Uchronic

Visual Identity

We produce the reference documents and marketing resources planned during your Brand Research. These materials will allow us to cover most of your needs during the launch phase. We set up your Visual Identity, Logotype, Colour palette, Fonts and Guidelines.


Karma CBD, Spark!, Brewlander, Uchronic

Visual Resources

Once your Visual Identity has been created, we develop new graphic elements to make your brand feel more organic and authentic. In this sense, we can imagine additional services such as Photography, Illustration, Motion, Pattern Creation, 3D Rendering ...

Assets & guidelines

This guide is your brand's bible. It contains all the graphic and technical specifications for the use of your messaging. It is a treasured resource that will be useful to your team. In conclusion, it ensures the integrity and consistency of your Brand Identity.



Additional services

Discovery & Strategy, Packaging design