Creative production

Photography and videos are a great way to showcase your product or brand. They add a huge value that help you stay close to your audience. In many cases, stock photos and stock videos sites are usually not enough. In order to convey a compelling and authentic brand image, Studio Blackthorns takes care of you creative production.

Illustration of a video set

Creation of campaigns

Your Brand Identity is unique. This is why it is important to avoid as much as possible stock photography websites. At Blackthorns, we take charge of the video production. Our services includes: video editing, motion design and animations.

Motion design

Motion design are great for customer engagement. This interactive media allows creative freedom for storytelling, makes the narration more understandable and gives a more human dimension. We create video experiences that talk to people and incite action.

On-site Photography

Visual resources are not only used to illustrate your Branding Strategy. They are also associated with your Interface Design and your marketing materials. Lifestyle pictures naturally tend to inspire an emotion, a culture, ideas or the purchase of a product.

Lifestyle Guide

Your Branding Strategy is not only focused on graphic design assets and guidelines. It is often interesting to include the aesthetic principles of your entire imagery. Photography offers you a strong potential to engage with your audience.

Studio Blackthorns has made for us short films that have nothing to envy from the greatest directors... Simply brilliant!

Elodie N. - Marketing & Communication Director , Groupe Peureux
Silver Photography with Hasselblad 500CM
Lifestyle shooting Paris - Pvrple Gin®.
Photography services
pvrple gin editing
gala dinner sirha 2019 world cup pastry cup
Lifestyle shooting Paris - Pvrple Gin®.
Shooting Griottines Paris
pvrple gin editing

Creative Production Work