Brand Strategy

The main objective of our Consulting and Strategy service is first of all to understand who you are. To this end, we begin an initial phase of in-depth reflection which will then enable us to develop and establish fundamental recommendations for your communication strategy. Thus, we determine together and collaboratively the scope of your project, your needs, your target and define your brand platform. This process also allows us to start an enriching and humane common adventure and to determine the most appropriate way to work together. Thanks to this path, we can then bring you the best of ourselves and move forward in symbiosis while building a relationship of trust.

Illustration of a team reflecting on a brand strategy


The first step in communication consulting is to evaluate your market presence by setting up an audit and a benchmark. We will study and analyse your current experience, the relationship you have with your customers-consumers as well as your competition. As a result, Studio Blackthorns will be better able to map out a path towards your future.


This research stage in our Consulting & Strategy expertise is essential. By adopting a User-First methodology, we set up a reflection around your audience and its behaviour. We explore and examine the most relevant devices as well as the most appropriate technologies. We then advise you on the use of these tools in order to build loyalty with your target audience.

Brand identity system

Whether it's a product launch or a new market development, our agency helps you structure your visual identity and coaches you in setting up your digital strategy. Your personality and brand image will be a determining factor in your sales and ROI.


Studio Blackthorns helps you in the deployment and activation of your Branding Strategy. Depending on the challenges you have, we select the most suitable solutions for your company in order to create unique and captivating stories.