We create meaningful digital experiences and interactions for brands and products. We learn to think like your users and work hard to develop the perfect digital solution.

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Content Strategy

Developing a content strategy gives us an overall vision of your digital project in order to produce consistent and qualitative content. This step is therefore essential and allows us to link your business to your targets. The implementation of a digital content strategy also serves to structure your storytelling and user experience.

User Experience (UX)

At Blackthorns, the user is king. We focus our attention on their needs and try to understand how they act. Constantly navigating between desktop, mobile and tablet computers, their needs are constantly changing and evolving. Together, we combine Content Strategyanalysis of your audience and design fundamentals in order to provide them with an optimal Interactive Experience.

Interface Design (UI Design)

The Interface Design has been in vogue since the arrival of apps and phones. At Blackthorns, we call that the "new Webdesign". In this sense, we combine Content Strategy, Research related to User Experience, and Brand Identity to create attractive and functional digital interfaces.

Content Design

Once we are in agreement with the previous principles and the corporate identity, we integrate new elements of visual communication. Animations, photos, videos, infographics can be used to increase the immersive and aesthetic potential of your project.

Social Networks Strategy

Social Media

In line with your identity and values, we support you in your Social Media strategy. We produce visual content and posts optimised for social media platforms (Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter,...).

After having created Anthone's graphic charter, the agency brought a resolutely innovative touch to our site in an activity in which conventions often take the upper hand. The result is a pleasant visit, as the aesthetics and navigation have been carefully thought out. Everything has been thought out for the visual comfort of visitors, bringing them to a more unbridled news on our social network pages.

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Interactive Work

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