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The communication agency Blackthorns has worked for several years for the Alsatian distillery Massenez in the development of a global communication that has had gratifying feedback from all over the world. For the next project, we will focus on the brand identity of their best-seller, the Williams Golden Eight pear liqueur.

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Services provided

Enjoying a pear liqueur in front of the Eiffel Tower


Following the launch of the brand in France and the United States, the Massenez distillery wanted to communicate in a more visual and modern way. We therefore worked on photo and video supports in order to set up an audiovisual production worthy of the brand: video capture, advertising campaigns for trade fairs, photo shoots, visual resources for social networks.

Golden Eight in front of the Eiffel Tower

Creative production

Production of a promotional video

L’Studio Blackthorns made the promotional video for the Golden Eight liquor. Indeed, from the synopsis to the art direction, through shooting and video editing, Blackthorns was able to design an aesthetic black and white video teaser. Close to the spirit of perfume ads, the brand identity of this spirit is revealed in the teaser. Between timelapse and slow motion, the pear liqueur has a taste of seduction...

The treatment of the images, the dynamics imagined by Blackthorns and the rhythm imposed by an excellent mastery of filming techniques seduced us and reflect all the know-how of this agency.

Elodie Naslin, Marketing Director - Grandes Distilleries Peureux

A nightcap for the road!


Pear liqueur on the rooftops of Paris

This day was a compendium of creativity! In one day, we had to make several photo shoots for different products of the Grandes Distilleries Peureux. Indeed, it was also a question of taking pictures for their emblematic brand. Griottines. So the principle was the same: to flatter the Golden Eight brand image and its pear-shaped bottle with the magnificent Parisian decor that we had in front of us.

Golden Eight in front of the Eiffel Tower
Golden Eight in front of the Eiffel Tower


A unique and exclusive signature.

Golden Eight in front of the Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower
Behind the scene

Photography of cocktails

Shooting at the Pyramid of Vienna

We did the photo shoot at the Vienna Pyramid in order to communicate the brand image of the liqueur for the Chinese market. Therefore, we highlighted the product and cocktails with other spirits such as Sake or Cognac Camus. There was also talk of creating a professional image bank for Golden Eight. Thus, the images could be used on social networks but also at trade fairs or on dedicated brochures.

Golden Eight and Cognac Camus
Golden Eight Pear and Sake Liqueur
Golden Eight Spritz
Golden Eight Spritz
Golden Eight and Griottines
Golden Eight - Vienna Pyramid
Golden Eight - Vienna Pyramid
Behing the scene with Pierre and Lucas
Behing the scene with Pierre

Content creation
Social media


Following the various shots taken, we have set up a series of posts for Instagram to mark the presence of the spirit on social networks. In this sense, a creative work allowed us to publish a harmonious feed. We then used all the features available, such as the creation of highlight stories (pinned at the top of the profile page) as well as an IGTV video, the vertical "Youtube" of Instagram.

Instagram Posts

Brand Identity

Production of a paper brochure

Studio Blackthorns has designed a 3-page leaflet presenting the Williams Golden Eight pear liqueur. The 8, symbol of the brand, was treated with a selective varnish to give a diamond effect to the rendering.

Golden Eight Cover Leaflet
Leaflet Golden Eight inner pages
Golden Eight Flyer

More work

Shooting Griottines Paris


We assisted Griottines in the creation of a full set of print and digital designs, videos and marketing materials.

Packaging design - Pastis 1811

Pastis 1811

We have rebranded the Pastis 1811 aperitif bottle from Lemercier Frères distillery, France.