Pvrple Gin

The Story

Pvrple Gin® is a unique Gin, produced by the distillation of several plants and seeds. For this mission, Grandes Distilleries Peureux wished to focus thevisual identity under the sign of rock, without forgetting the glamorous touch associated with the product.

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Services provided

  • Discovery & Strategy
  • Branding
  • Packaging Design
  • Activation
  • Creative production
Shooting Paris Pvrple Gin

The outcome

We helped launch the brand and designed print and digital materials to promote it among professionals and the general public. Then, we developed the brand's notoriety.

  • → Project featured on Packaging Of The World
  • → Broadcast on Le Point Magazine and in the written press
  • → Bronze Medal at the London Spirits Competition, 2019
  • → Silver Medal at Inside Food And Spirits Competition, 2018
  • → Bronze Medal at IWSC London, 2018
  • → Gold Medal at the Inside Food And Spirits Competition, 2017.

Studio Blackthorns has made for us short films that have nothing to envy from the greatest directors... Simply brilliant!

Elodie N. - Marketing & Communication Director , Groupe Peureux

Creative production

Glamour-oriented video commercial

In addition to the custom on-site photography, we shot some footage to edit a black and white video advertisement for the product. The idea was quite simple: the model walks in Parisian places, she lives, she smiles, she looks at the camera, all with this rock attitude to give contrast to the final cut. The result looks like a typical perfume commercial.


A French gin under the sign of rock

For this photo shoot, we went to different places in Paris trying to capture the essence of these two worlds: a rock attitude in urbex spots but also the charm and glamour of an elegant Parisian wearing a perfecto and a black dress. The idea was also to bring a touch of pink, reminiscent of the colour of the Gin.

Lifestyle shooting Paris - Pvrple Gin®.
Lifestyle shooting Paris - Pvrple Gin®.
Lifestyle shooting Paris - Pvrple Gin®.
Lifestyle shooting Paris - Pvrple Gin®.
Lifestyle shooting Paris - Pvrple Gin®.
Lifestyle shooting Paris - Pvrple Gin®.
Lifestyle shooting Paris - Pvrple Gin®.
Lifestyle shooting Paris - Pvrple Gin®.
Lifestyle shooting Paris - Pvrple Gin®.
Lifestyle shooting Paris - Pvrple Gin®.

Lifestyle shooting Paris - Pvrple Gin®.

My Pvrple Gin.

Poster Pvrple Gin

Packaging Design

A tattooed packaging

Competition is fierce in the world of spirits, especially in the booming gin market. Pvrple Gin is positioning itself among its colleagues with a resolutely rock and glam touch. The gin stands out by the incorporation of Griottines in his spice blend. The challenge of this packaging creation was to bring out the "Pink & Trash" side of this product as well as the use of morello cherries as a key ingredient.

The idea of tattooing the entire bottle and its packaging came quite naturally. A long work of research was carried out in order to develop a whole aesthetic for the product: sea stars, doves, banners, cherries, gothic writing, cherry blossoms, waves of Japanese inspiration.

The final result was the creation of an original 500 ml bottle entirely engraved. On the packaging side, we created a beautiful black case on which several printing effects are superimposed: varnish, pink hot foil and embossing.

graphic design Pvrple Gin
Elements Packaging design Pvrple Gin
Graphic work on the sides of the packaging
Modelisation packaging Pvrple Gin
3D modeling of the bottle and packaging
Design Bottle Pvrple Gin
Template Packaging design Pvrple Gin
Packaging template before printing
Packaging design Pvrple Gin
Claim Pvrple Gin
packaging and bottle design

Social media resources

Pvrple Gin on Instagram

Once the visual assets and tones created, it was time to socialize! Pvrple Gin turned to Instagram to expand its community and reach a young and trendy target audience. Here are some posts and vertical videos, optimized to benefit from a maximum of engagement.

The outcome of a meeting of two worlds.

the scene

A few backstage shots of the photo shoot and filming done in different Parisian locations.

Erika and the Calbar boss in Paris
Erika in the middle of a cocktail party at Le Calbar in Paris.

Scope of work

Multimedia production services
  • Research & Strategy
  • Custom On-Site Photography
  • Video Editing
  • Création vidéo verticales
Social Media Communication
  • Instagram Feed
  • Vertical videos & IGTV

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