Karma CBD


Karma CBD is a brand of conceptual products targeted for the legal cannabis market. This cannabis packaging concept is based on the popular plants used in Russian tea infusions: Ivan Chai, Zveroboy, Tavolga, Smorodina & Brusnika. Karma CBD wants to offer the consumer a brand experience luxurious and unique by promoting the benefits of CBD.



Cannabis Packaging design

The challenge for the Lyon-based communication agency was to design a premium product line by paying tribute to Russian culture.

The solution imagined by Studio Blackthorns was to combine the aesthetics of traditional Russian culture (illustrations, myths, patterns) with an intense use of colour contrasts. We subtly arranged all these graphic elements to give a resolutely modern and high-end rendering.

Thus, various packaging has been created: dropper bottles for CBD oils, paper pockets for gummies, skin care creams, etc.

Karma CBD - Ivan Chai Cannabis Gummies
Karma CBD - Zveroboy Cannabis Gummies
Karma CBD - Smorodina Cannabis Gummies
Karma CBD - Tavolga Cannabis Gummies
Karma CBD - Brusnika Cannabis Gummies

5 plants,
5 perfumes

It's on the blog Russian Beyond that Studio Blackthorns supported its CBD brand concept. By combining the potency of these herbs with the benefits of cannabidiol, we could consider creating an innovative and premium brand in the legal cannabis sector. Here are a few more explanations about the different flavors of Karma CBD.

The infusions

Ivan Chai: it has been scientifically proven to reduce fever. It has a stimulating effect and reduces the risk of cancer. It also eliminates toxins and soothes headaches.

Zveroboy: At the time, St. John's wort was infused to treat kidney disease, gastrointestinal illness and to get rid of vascular spasms. It should also be noted that Cossacks used this plant to heal wounds.

Tavolga: The infusion of Tavolga relieves severe pain and treats: stomach ulcers, diarrhea and fevers. This plant is also very effective against nausea and rheumatism. In modern medicine, filipendula is used following a stroke to prevent the formation of blood clots.

Smorodina Black smorodina leaf infusion: rich in vitamin C, black smorodina (blackcurrant) leaf infusion is a traditional recipe for treating coughs. For centuries, this drink has been recommended for maintaining sharp vision and a good memory, especially in the elderly.

Brusnika Cranberry leaves contain a high dose of vitamin C, B vitamins, iron, phosphorus and calcium. They also have an antiviral effect and strengthen the immune system. 

Karma CBD - Packaging design of Cannabis Gummies
Karma CBD - Zveroboy dropper bottle
Karma CBD - Brusnika dropper bottle
Karma CBD - line of dropper bottles
Karma CBD - Dropper bottle packaging
Karma CBD - Smorodina dropper bottle
Karma, natural CBD
Photo: Rick Proctor on Unsplash
Karma CBD - Ivan Chai dropper bottle
Karma CBD - Cannabis cream

Scope of work

  • Logotype creation
  • Definition of a graphic charter
Packaging Design
  • Coffee/tea style paper bag design
  • Creation of labels for dropper bottles
  • Concept realization for cream
  • 3D Rendering

More work

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