Packaging Design

Today, craft breweries, distilleries and wineries know the impact of great visuals and labels on sales. Indeed, packaging design is a crucial step in the development of consumer products. It plays an important role at a strategic level but also on an emotional level. For many products, the brand is the packaging. We are here to tell your story and illustrate your values through packaging design.

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Gradients Soda
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Rebranding Pastis 1811 packaging
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Karma CBD - Zveroboy Cannabis Gummies

Spirits & Liqueurs

Designing a packaging for a spirit brand is all about telling a compelling story. It's about telling who you are and why you matter. The market evolves quickly and consumers are looking for brands they can identify with. So how do you stand out on the shelf? Beyond aesthetics, a strategic and marketing approach is essential. We offer you a Design Strategy expertise in order to give wings to your brand.

Craft beers & Hard Seltzers

We are big fans of IPA and stout beers. However, we're also very interested in the Hard Seltzers (or spiked seltzer) market. This relatively new phenomenon is pretty similar to a light beer. It contains less sugar, less calories which makes this new drink a healthier alternative for consumers.

Non-Alcoholic drinks

The low and non-alcoholic drink market is booming right now. Indeed, people are looking for alternatives when they don't drink alcohol and want something other than a fruit juice or a soda. They want something more complex, more interesting, and in line with their tastes and preferences. These new opportunities and consumer demands are making the hospitality sector flourish, eager to provide creative and premium beverages. We offer our services of branding and packaging design to brands and distilleries specialising in spirit drinks without alcohol.

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The market for legal cannabis is growing fast and medical cannabis is now used in many countries. As it is considered harmless by WHO, it consists mainly of Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabinol (CBN). Available in several forms and packaging, it is beginning to establish itself in the cosmetics and alcohol market. Studio Blackthorns offers Branding and Packaging Design services to new emerging CBD brands.


Karma CBD

Packaging design work

Karma CBD - Zveroboy Cannabis Gummies
Packaging design - Pastis 1811 range

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