Spark! healhty prebiotic drinks


Spark! beverage is rich in plant-based fiber, with four sources of prebiotics in each can. The idea is to combine this with whole fruit including the important fruit fibers and vitamins.

This project is a part of its 366 Cans Challenge for the year 2020.

Wall of alcohol-free cans

The challenge

For this project, we wanted to retranscribe this richness of fibre/bacteria through a dose of colourful peps, inviting well-being and joie de vivre. Each can therefore has its own colour chart. The design of the vertical abstract lines connote the transit but also suggest the fibres. Finally, the beautiful typography accentuated by an exclamation mark reinforces the notion of cheerfulness and movement. The Spark! line is available in 6 fragrances: mango, wild berry, lemon, natural tonic, strawberry and ginger/pineapple.


Spark range! 6 cans, 6 flavors!
Three cans of Spark! Natural, wild berries and mango.
Three cans of Spark! Lemon, strawberry and ginger/pineapple.

A fun drink with functional ingredients

There are natural sugars and vitamins from the real fruit that is used, Spark! uses whole fruit purees over juice keeping the fruit fibres intact. It provides an authentic taste over artificial flavours.

This type of drink is therefore a healthy and promising alternative because the meeting between prebiotic fibres and intestinal bacteria allows the release of molecules favourable to health and the growth of good bacteria.

Spark can wall! Mango

Scope of work

Packaging Design
  • Can design 330 ml
  • Concept realization for a prebiotic soda
  • 3D Rendering

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