Baie Bleue Liqueur

The story

Baie Bleue is a liqueur made from an infusion of Vosges blueberries, cherries and a dash of Kirsch de Fougerolles AOC. Formerly called "Délice du Chalot", the Coulin distillery wanted to rework the image of this aperitif liqueur in order to broaden its target and honour the rich regional heritage of the Vosges. The challenge was to redesign the brand identity of the bottle in order to make it a flagship product of the distillery.

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Blueberry liqueur made from Vosges blueberries

The approach

Although it is a fairly low mountain range, the wet and cold Vosges climate is often compared to the Scottish climate. The Baie Bleue liqueur is made from local products and harvested in the Val d'Ajol, at an altitude of over 600m. Therefore, the idea for the redesign of the label was to work on a visual evocation of this mountain freshness. So, in collaboration with the distillery, we have chosen to highlight the nature/purity side of the mountains and this beautiful region. So we used a cold tones colour chart to get closer not only to the colour of the bluet but also to connote this inherent freshness of the product.

A few printing effects have been implemented on this new label, namely the use of thick, soft-touch paper, the embossing of the name and the irregular cut-out of the label reminding us of the mountain landscape.

Redesign of the l'Blue Bay Label

Baie Bleue can be enjoyed neat, on ice and even in pool mode, as an aperitif!

Blue Bay Liqueur range, blueberry liqueur

Packaging Design

A delicate aperitif

In order to be consistent with the new identity, we were asked to design the box of this liqueur. We extended the use of this blue watercolour on the whole packaging by adding a few text boxes, allowing you to learn more about the product.

Blue Bay Liqueur box template
Before After
Blue Bay graphic elements
Bottle Blueberry Liqueur

The short story

The Bluet des Vosges is a cultivated blueberry, native to North America and established in the Vosges mountains in the 1980s. In order to protect this richness, the Bluet des Vosges trademark has been registered.

The Bluet des Vosges used to make the liqueur Baie Bleue is harvested by hand, in the Vosges mountains overlooking Fougerolles, where the Distillerie Emile Coulin. Very resistant to the cold, this fruit, by its small size, acclimatizes perfectly to these nearby mountains.

Scope of work

Brand Identity
  • Label Design
  • Packaging Design
Creative production
  • Product Photography

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