Pastis 1811

The story

Pastis 1811 is a truly traditional Pastis, produced by macerating and distilling (under controlled temperature) various carefully selected seeds and plants (wormwood, mugwort, gentian, liquorice, star anise...). The challenge of rebranding this bottle and its packaging lay in the fact of mixing old-fashioned tradition and modernity. Indeed, a quasi-anachronic visual identity had to be designed, reconciling the Napoleonic era and our modern times.

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Services provided

  • Research & Strategy
  • Rebranding
  • Packaging Design
  • Photography
Rebranding Pastis 1811 packaging


  • → Pastis 1811 has been promoted on the Packaging Of The World website.
  • → Gold Medal Spirits Selection, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles (Plovdiv Bulgaria) 2018
  • → Gold Medal at Inside Food And Spirits Competition, 2018
  • → Silver Medal at Inside Food And Spirits Competition, 2017
  • → Gold Medal at IWSC London, 2017
Before and after rebranding

Graphic Design

Our approach was to produce various graphics relating to the Napoleonic era, using strong visual assets and symbols. In this sense, we used the coat of arms of the Bonaparte house with the imperial eagle, but also emblems of horses, hats and bees.

For the color palette, we focused on earthy/orange colour as well as a monochrome of Mediterranean blues, a region often assimilated to the consumption of Pastis in France.

Pastis 1811 - Graphic charter
Label and back label Apéritif Pastis 1811
Embossing and gilding - Label and back label Apéritif Pastis 1811

Created in 1811, the Distillerie Lemercier Frères is one of the oldest family distilleries in France.

Packaging Design

A traditional aperitif

The box of this Pastis borrows the same graphic codes as the label and back label. In terms of finishing, we opted for a gold hot foil stamping for the imperial side as well as a light embossing to highlight the coat of arms and texts.

Packaging design aperitif Pastis 1811
Pastis 1811 Aperitif Packaging Design Template
Packaging design aperitif Pastis 1811

Scope of work

Brand Identity
  • Bottle Design
  • Packaging Design
Creative production
  • Product Photography

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